Eagle Club Konepaja simulator center and bar

Everyone is welcome at the Eagle Club Konepaja. You can play golf in the Trackman 4 simulators or spend a fun evening with your friends in the Simway shooting simulator. Golf clubs are available for rent, so you don’t need to bring your own clubs and don’t even need to have any experience of playing golf. There are plenty of different games in the simulators, from beginners to professionals. The bar offers a rich selection of drinks for many different tastes.

Shooting simulator

  • Best shooting simulator on the market
  • Fun games for every ages
  • 4 players can compete at the same time
  • Practice hunting and sport games

Golf simulator

  • Play over 150 different courses
  • Practice your shot and get feedback
  • Play different games with your friends

VIP room

  • Big soundproof room for bigger groups or just two of you
  • You can play golf, shoot, just listen music or watch sports
  • Really big screen – 5 meters wide!